Your virtual marketing and admin support partner

Who we are

As a virtual business we work remotely (other than from your office) to assist you with your marketing and administration. 

We believe effective marketing and administration systems provides a critical foundation for the success of your business. 

We work with you as an outsourced partner to get you more clients and make you more money by implementing our highly effective marketing and client attraction strategies into your business. 

What Groundstar Business Solutions can do for you

Effective Marketing Strategy & Plans

Client Attraction Strategy

Admin Consultancy Services

And so much more


At Groundstar Business Solutions we are committed to providing sterling service to our clients by exuding professionalism in all that we do, no matter how small the task. 

We believe in providing you with cost effective marketing and admin solutions so that you get more value for your business by partnering with us. 

Confidentiality is critical to our business success and we provide non -disclosure documents to sign to ensure our client`s peace of mind regarding the security of sensitive information. 

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